My Heart Breaks for Kate Middleton


Yesterday a French magazine published pictures of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless on a balcony off of a remote villa in France. She and Prince William were vacationing for 4 days in a private location, basically in the middle of no where, and a paparazzo from half a mild away managed to capture these pictures. I imagine that photographer was quite pleased with himself and felt that he had hit the jackpot. I’m disgusted by that person and the magazine that paid up.

I cannot imagine how violated Kate is feeling right now. Clearly this is a woman who does everything in her power to conduct herself with the utmost dignity. She always dresses appropriately, she speaks and carries herself well, and you can just tell she is doing everything she can to represent herself and the royal family well. Don’t even get me started on her style. I literally want everything she has ever worn. I can’t even imagine that Kate is a women who would secretly take photos of herself naked for any reason. Her sister maybe, but not Kate.

And isn’t she really just one of us? Isn’t that why we love her the way that we do? She went to college, she met a guy, she spent 7 years with him and then married him. All the while putting up with photographers following her around and magazines printing those pictures with the caption “Waity Kaity.” But still she kept her composure. She never shot a dirty look, or pushed anyone out of the way. Kate kept her head down and went on her way. I know that I could never have handled myself as well as she has. I would have cracked under the pressure.

Some people would argue that Kate knew what she was getting in to when she fell for William and agreed to marry him. I agree with that to some extent. Clearly her life would change when she married into the royal family, but she has embraced that responsibility. At the end of the day though, she is still a normal girl. I relate to her, I look up to her. I got up at 4am to watch her wedding last year and make no apologies for it. I was unbelievably happy to see the love that Kate and William clearly have for each other. Sure, Kate was giving up her old life, but she was obviously marrying someone who made the sacrifices worth it.

And now this. Yes, Kate is a public figure, but she’s not a celebrity. She is not Kim Kardashian, who would probably call the paparazzi herself to let them know she was going to by lying topless on a balcony somewhere. She’s not Britney Spears, who conveniently forgot to wear underwear for like 2 years. Kate was on a private vacation (not even like a public beach!) with her husband for JUST 4 DAYS, finally away from the public eye to just relax and be herself. And now even that has been ruined. I fear that she’ll never again feel like she can let her hair down and decompress without constantly worrying that she is going to be photographed. The public has taken that from her.

I am so happy that the royal family has taken a stand by suing the French magazine. I imagine that will at the very least make Kate feel supported by the royal family. And again, to her credit, she has been out in Asia since these photos were published continuing to carry herself as the beautiful woman that she is. Publicly she is taking this is stride. Who knows? Maybe this doesn’t bother her as much as it bothers me. But if it does, I hope that one day Kate will feel safe again and that everyone can just lay off of her.

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3 thoughts on “My Heart Breaks for Kate Middleton

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