My Sister is Super Awesome

My sister is amazing (she’s the one on the right who has my face). Twice a year she and her coworkers at this super hip and awesome start up in Boston run this huge 200 mile relay race through New Hampshire called Reach the Beach. Its a 24 hour all day and night extravaganza involving vans, lots of people, very little sleep, and 10 mile stretches of running. It’s something that I wish that I could do and I wish that I wanted to do, especially with how fun this video makes it look!

My sister is hardcore (as exhibited at 4:40 in this video). She’s hardcore at everything she does. She inspires me to push myself to be the best that I can be. Even though she’s my “little” sister, I look up to her more than anyone and I strive for her intensity and confidence on a daily basis.

Congrats to the whole SCVNGR/Level Up Team. (and to the person who made this video!)

You rock, Deb!


3 thoughts on “My Sister is Super Awesome

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