It’s My Super Bowl: Fall TV Premiere Week

So I just finished preparing my DVR for the return of TV! All my shows premiere this week so I had to go through and watch the season finales, delete the reruns, set my show priorities so that an old episode of Chopped doesn’t get recorded instead of the premiere of Private Practice… you know, the important stuff. I’m not opposed to watching reruns or summer tv, but nothing says Fall to me quite like Premiere Week. It’s my Super Bowl, World Series, and the Oscars all rolled in to one! Since I spent the last week catching up on my favorite shows, I thought I’d take a minute to remind everyone what was happening on some of the best from last season!

Monday: 2 Broke Girls
All season long Caroline, the disgraced daughter of a Bernie Madoff knock off, and Max, a broke Brooklyn waitress, were trying to get their cupcake business off the ground. The first season finale was arguably the best episode of the season as the show finally settled into its funny and stopped trying so hard. Caroline gets an invitation to the Met Gala and she and Max decide to go and bring Martha Stewart one of their cupcakes. Of course, because Caroline is disgraced, they can’t actually get into the Gala, so she and Max sneak in through the catering entrance since Max worked the Gala the year before. The best moment of the finale was at the end when Max and Caroline are changing out of their catering uniforms and into their ball gowns in the bathroom and talking about how much they respect Martha Stewart for being such a “ball-buster.” Then, or course, because this is a sitcom, out walks Martha Stewart from the adjacent stall. Finally Caroline emerges from her stall, and gives Martha Stewart their “Beer Battered Maple Bacon Spring Break Cupcake.” Martha loves it and the season ends with the two girls standing in the bathroom screaming about how, “Martha Stewart likes our cupcakes!” The odd couple-ness of Max and Caroline is so funny in this show and I just want every scene to be between the two of them. (Watch the finale here. Two Broke Girls premieres TONIGHT on CBS at 9pm eastern)

Tuesday: New Girl
New Girl is my favorite show on television without a doubt. I mean, Zooey Deschanel’s Jess is hilarious and “adorkable” and all of that, but honestly, her male roommates steal the show. Nick (Jake Johnson), Winston (Lamorne Morris), and ESPECIALLY Schmidt (Max Greenfield) make this show as awesome as it is. In the last episode of the season, Nick decides he is going to move in with his former and now current girlfriend, Caroline, who basically sucks according to me and everyone else. She broke Nick’s heart but he still decides to go back to her again and again. As Nick, Schmidt, and Winston are driving the moving van over to Caroline’s new place, Nick goes off the deep end and just keeps driving until they reach the “desert” (I put that in quotes because you can still see the road from where they are. Hilarious!). Nick throws his keys into the hills and strands them in this desert. Jess drives out to get them and in a effort to show Nick what he will be missing by moving in with Caroline, she throws her keys away too. The whole crew, including Cece, Jess’s friend and Schmidt’s female significant counterpart (can’t really call her his girlfriend…), have to spend the night in the desert. They play old cassette tapes, Jess and Nick encounter a wolf, Schmidt breaks up with Cece by “White Fang-ing” her (setting her free before she can leave him), and Winston, who is terrified of the dark, wanders off into the dark (and returns covered in pee). In the morning, Jess finds her keys (in her coat pocket…she never really threw them away), and even through Nick knows that Jess was just trying to show him what he would be leaving by moving in with Caroline, he still decides to do it.
Not for long. The episode ends with Nick returning to the loft with his moving truck and blasting “You Shook Me All Night Long” so that all of the roommates, in their own rooms, start rocking out too. It makes us feel like everything is going to be okay and we don’t have to worry about what’s to come in season 2, though honestly, I cannot wait! (Watch the finale here. New Girl premieres tomorrow, Tuesday, September 25 at 8 and 9pm eastern)

Wednesday: Law and Order: SVU
The season finale of SVU last season was crazy. It was a rocky season for SVU in general with the exit of Chris Meloni’s Stabler and the entrance of Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) and Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish). I really enjoy Amaro and Rollins so after the first couple of episodes I stopped missing Stabler so much. In the finale, the detectives investigate the murder of an underage, European model, who was a victim of sex trafficking. This leads them to a war between two high class escort services. Brian Cassidy (Dean Winters, also known as Mayhem in the Allstate commercials and for his general awesomeness) makes his return as an undercover detective working for Bart Ganzel, the head of one of the escort services. The girl at the party was murdered so that she couldn’t defect to the other escort service (or something like that, this episode got seriously convoluted). Through the course of the investigation, one of the call girls comes on to Amaro and eventually confides in him that she thinks she’s in over her head and that “she’s next.” Cragen also is sent incriminating photos from when he was undercover to deter him from continuing the investigation, which he does anyway. The episodes dissolves into crazy town at the end when Cragen ends up with Amaro’s call girl dead in his bed with no idea how she got there. Cannot wait to see the continuation of this story, and maybe a little bit more Brian Cassidy. (Watch the finale here. Law and Order: SVU premieres Wednesday, September 26 at 9pm eastern)

Thursday: Grey’s Anatomy
I don’t know about you, but I’m a glutton for punishment when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy. Every time I think they’ve hit the last straw, I just keep coming back. There was the 3 episode Ferry crash, Izzy’s cancer, George’s death, the hospital shooting. The shark-jumping list goes on and on. But they really might have outdone themselves this time with the plane crash. A literal, Lost-style plane crash. I mean seriously, Shonda (Rimes), you really have run out of ideas that badly? So Meredith, Christina, Derek, Mark, Arizona, and Lexi are all on this plane headed to Boise to separate conjoined twins and the plane goes down. Then the rest of us have to watch in agony as Meredith searches for Derek, Christina tries to keep everyone calm, and Mark holds Lexi’s hand while she dies. It’s heart wrenching and terrible and COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS, but there I am crying on my couch anyway. Not to mention the fact that Hunt fired Altman and apparently Karev is going to Johns Hopkins. In the premiere I imagine they’ll be rescued and they’ll all be back at square one emotionally, which it what happens after each time they almost die. I mean seriously, how many times will Meredith Grey cheat death before the end of this series? With all the people leaving, is there even a series left? (Watch the finale here. Grey’s Anatomy premiers Thursday, September 27 at 9pm eastern)

I could tell you that these 4 shows are the only ones I’ll be watching, but I’d be lying. Check back here for news on Dancing with the Stars: All Stars (Mondays), Happy Endings (Tuesdays in October), Glee (Thursdays), The Mindy Project (Tuesdays), Scandal (Thursdays, and honestly, if you’re not watching Scandal, you need to be watching Scandal), Revenge (Sunday) and probably more. My DVR is working overtime, folks. Stick around to see what’s happening.

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