Posted in October 2012

The Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

So here’s the thing: I know nothing about the weather. On Monday I was freaking out because I didn’t know which way the storm would go. Would it be a hurricane Irene repeat, or would we actually have a problem? I think the reason I was so hung up on Irene was that its the … Continue reading

Hurricanes Amplify My Control Issues

I feel the most frustration when I don’t have control over a situation. Like right now, the news is telling me we’re in the midst of a hurricane. All of the subways are shut down and I’m basically trapped in my apartment (“Whatever you do, stay inside!”). However, no one really knows when life will … Continue reading

How Do Grown Ups Make Friends?

This week’s episode of New Girl gave me a lot to think about. This episode dealt with Schmidt and Nick’s friendship and Cece and Jess’s relationship. They were posing the question, if those people (assuming they were real and not tv characters) met today, would they still be friends? I’ve been thinking a lot about … Continue reading

No Recipe Baked Ziti (With a Recipe)

No Recipe Baked Ziti (With a Recipe)

As I’ve said many times before, Weight Watchers changed my life, not just in helping me lose weight, but in teaching me to cook. When I recommitted myself to the program the second time, I discovered their website which was loaded with recipes that looked manageable, but also super tasty! I liked them too because … Continue reading

Being the Youngest to Being a Grown Up

For a long time I found myself being the youngest in my life, which is odd because I am the oldest of 3. Even in my family, though, I don’t feel like the oldest. I think we would all agree that my super-awesome middle sister is so put together that she often seems like the … Continue reading

How to Lose an Evening Making Pot Pies

How to Lose an Evening Making Pot Pies

Nothing in my entire life has ever been able to hold my attention like cooking a meal (except for maybe a Law and Order: SVU marathon, but I’m choosing not to count that). I remember an episode of Grey’s Anatomy once where the doctors are talking about how time doesn’t exist in the operating room. … Continue reading

I Did a Bad Thing: I Body Shamed…

I did something bad yesterday. I did something that I have been warning people not to do pretty much since I started this blog. I judged someone harshly for the way that they look. I made assumptions about them based on the way they were dressed, and I even went so far as to giggle … Continue reading