Posted in December 2012

Christmas Recipe Round Up

I’m a huge fan of holiday traditions. Even though Christmas is not technically “my holiday,” I take a lot of comfort in creating traditions with Evan and that I know we will one day share with our children. Ever since I started cooking, probably a year into our relationship, those traditions revolve around food. I … Continue reading

My First Christmas Tree

We still need to buy decorations, but here it is! We have a Christmas tree. This is the first real tree Evan and I have had together and it only took 5 Christmas’s and 2 years of marriage to get it. I like to call myself a “big jew” because I look so jewish, but … Continue reading

My Sister’s Getting Married

Here’s my version of “the story” which is in no way definitive since I am not the one who got engaged. It started with and email in which my Deb’s fiance, Andy, told my entire family and his entire family that he was going to propose to my sister on December 15. I screamed out … Continue reading

Open Letter to December: Go Away!

Dear December, How are you? Thanks for joining us to ring in the end of 2012. You snuck up on us this year, that’s for sure. After hurricane Sandy and missing Halloween it was like none of us could even believe it was Thanksgiving, let alone December. I would say “Welcome, we’re glad you came,” … Continue reading

A Love Letter to NYU

On Friday I had the amazing privilege of taking part in a panel of educators to talk to NYU students about different paths you can take with an education degree. It was so exciting to be back at the school where I spent my undergrad and got my masters degree and feel like I was … Continue reading