Being a Grown Up: The Good, The Bad, and The Peanut Butter M&M Cookies

You know how when you’re a kid you think when you’re a grown up you’ll be able to do whatever you want whenever you want? You won’t have to listen to your parents anymore and you’ll be able to stay up late and eat cupcakes for breakfast. Then you grow up and you realize that you get tired earlier than you used to and if you ate cupcakes for breakfast you’d be asleep by noon. Not to mention the fact that sometimes its exhausting having to make all of your own decisions without someone telling you what to do. And then you look back on your childhood and you realize that all of the decisions that you make in your life are somewhat colored by what your parents would probably tell you to do. That’s where I am today, anyway. I’m torn between wanting to be the grown up I thought was possible when I was a kid, and the grown up that I actually am.

I mean, it’s stupid really. I’m still not feeling great, but that cold I thought would hit me hasn’t really. I’m not quite sick enough to sleep all day but I don’t feel like going to work. I’m super ready for Christmas break, that’s the bottom line. When I woke up this morning and my throat felt like the inside of a coal mine I really thought about calling in sick and just staying in bed. Then I remembered that my a cappella group’s Christmas party is tonight. Here is where being a grown up kind of sucks. Sure, I could skip work today and still go to the party, probably no one would know (unless they’re reading this…). My mom would never have let me get away with something like that when I was a kid. If you were too sick to go to school, you better be in bed asleep or having feverish hallucinations. And if you were too sick to go to school, you were sure as hell too sick to do anything after school. That attitude has been ingrained in me since Kindergarten and I can’t imagine the moral fiber of my being allowing me to go against it now.

Yesterday when I was thinking about it, I realized that not going to work and going to a party would be the single most adult and least adult thing I could ever do. Most adult because I’m making my own decisions and “doing what is right for me” (read: being lazy and wanting to have a good time anyway), least adult because adults don’t blow off work for a stupid reason and then hang out with their friends. I’m constantly telling the kids I work with to save their “sick” days for when they’re actually sick. I should probably follow my own advice, right? Not just skip a day because I’m a little bit tired and feeling lazy.

So, kids, as much as you think that being an adult will be awesome because of all the things you’ll be able to do, you’ll still have a conscience that will stop you from being an idiot. Even if you really want to be an idiot.

I’ll be at work today. I already made the cookies to bring the party. Moral compasses are stupid.

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Peanut Butter M&M Cookies

I’m proud of these cookies because I did not use a recipe when I made them. I am really excited that I can make a basic cookie base and I know how to add things too it for a variety of cookies. That’s what I did here, but with my favorite candy: Peanut Butter M&Ms.

2 cups flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
2 sticks (1/2 lb) butter
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup creamy peanut butter
12 oz (medium bag) peanut butter m&ms, chopped (I used a food processor, be careful not to ground them too fine, you still want to have a few whole m&ms)

Preheat oven to 350. Line baking sheet with silpat or parchment paper.

In a medium bowl, combine flour, baking soda and salt, set aside.

In a large bowl cream together butter and both sugars until light and fluffy, about 4 minutes.

Add eggs to sugar-butter mixture, one at a time, beating between additions.

Add vanilla and beat until just combined.

A small amount at at time (so as to not cover yourself and your kitchen in flour) add dry ingredients to wet, beating until flour is incorporated after each addition.

Mix in peanut butter.

Mix in m&ms.

Using a tablespoon, drop cookies onto prepared baking sheet about 2 inches apart.

Bake for 9-12 minutes.


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