My Sister’s Getting Married

Here’s my version of “the story” which is in no way definitive since I am not the one who got engaged.

It started with and email in which my Deb’s fiance, Andy, told my entire family and his entire family that he was going to propose to my sister on December 15. I screamed out loud at my desk at work, causing co workers to come over to me and make sure I was okay. I got teary-eyed then, which was obviously foreshadowing how I would handle the actual proposal. Every time I spoke to Deb from that moment until the proposal I had to think twice about what I was saying. She’s the person I tell my exciting news to, so it was very hard to not tell her this INCREDIBLY exciting news! Somehow we all managed to keep the secret (even the mothers) and we made it to Times Square yesterday (though not before an incredibly long email detailing what we were supposed to do…).

As per Andy’s instructions, we waited for them on 46th Street in a circle. They were coming out of the Bring it On matinee and would “stumble upon” us. In the circle was my mom, andy’s mom, andy’s step dad, Andy’s dad, Andy’s step mom, Andy’s brother and his wife, Deb’s 2 best friends, Evan, and me (I was the one trying not to vomit from over-excitement). Finally they arrived and Deb looked utterly shocked to see us all (she didn’t know Andy’s whole family was in New York). Andy had assigned us each a word, a pet name, that we were supposed to go around the circle and say to her when they arrived (my word was sassafras!). We did that, which finally made her come into the circle instead of stand on the outskirts in shock. Then Andy said a lot of very sweet things to her, which we couldn’t really hear (which was fine with everyone except the moms who really wanted to be a part of every second). Then he got down on one knee and SHE SAID YES!! And then I sobbed and passed out the tissues and now MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!

We spent a great evening and morning with them to celebrate and I am so freakin’ happy for both of them. They’ve been together for 8 years, so this clearly was coming, but still. They are such a perfect couple who really understand what they need from each other. Not to mention the fact that they are both, shall we say, very particular about their lives (read: OCD?) so they compliment each other in that way. I can’t wait until they’re ready to plan the wedding (which as of yesterday and today, they are not. Totally understandable since I was not pleased when someone asked me when I was getting married on the day I got engaged. Slow down, people!).

I love Andy and I’m thrilled to welcome him to the family. At the same time though, Deb is my little sister and it was a little strange to see her in such a grown up place. I’ve talked a lot about how awesome she is and how much I look up to her, but last night reminded me that she’s still my baby sister. On the night where she was taking the most adult step, I was switching back and forth between knowing her as my amazing sister who I want to be like, and also, a little kid. She’s not a little kid though. She’s getting married and I couldn’t be happier for her and Andy.

and the ring!!


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