Posted in January 2013

Reliving The Glory Days

I’ve mentioned the Scarsdale Summer Music Theater on the blog before because being in that company changed my life.  It gave me confidence and friends and as an adult provided the inspiration for my novel.  When I think about my time in theater I think about the friends I made, the community and the camaraderie.  … Continue reading

Dear TV, You Are a Huge Disappointment

Dear TV, I understand I don’t pay for your premium channels.  I haven’t seen Homeland, or Boardwalk Empire, and I paid for the first season on Girls on iTunes.  I can’t speak to everything that comes out of you.  What I will say is you are disappointing me.  I was taking stock of the shows … Continue reading

Making Friends is like Dating

Trying to make friends as a grown up is like dating.  I’ve written before about how most of my friends I knew in college or from teaching.  Its hard to make friends outside of those worlds because our lives are all so separate from each other.  If you meet someone cool and you want to … Continue reading

Names: The Point of No Return?

The other day I had a conversation and shoved my foot so far in my mouth I’m still trying to remove it.  You know those moments where you say something, and then immediately you know that it was the wrong thing to say and can’t fix it.  When that happens to me I agonize and … Continue reading