The Bachelor Recap: Why Are We Still Watching?

I tuned in for the premiere of The Bachelor last night.  There was never any doubt in my mind that I would.  Except that as I was preparing to give my night over to ABC and Sean Lowe, I wasn’t necessarily excited, it kind of felt like I was getting ready to go to work.  I mean, Sean’s fine.  He’s cute, All-American, he’s got a good body, but he’s a little boring.  I thought the same thing about Emily and somehow made it through her season.  It’s not that the show is, or gets, so compelling that I can’t turn away, its that watching the Bachelor is not just about watching The Bachelor, it’s about Twitter.  At least, it is for me.

I started watching the show with Twitter as a companion a couple of seasons ago (I don’t even remember who’s season it was.  Does it matter?).  I first discovered the #bachelor because Jennifer Weiner was using it and saying funny things all the time.  Things about what her daughter said when she saw the show, insightful comments about the contestants.  Then I discovered that former contestants were tweeting with inside scoop about their experiences.  I loved the behind the scenes of it all and it made the show more bearable.  If it were not for twitter, I would not still watch.

I get that there is often a comfort in watching a show with the same formula.  American Idol is always the same, Top Model is the same, even Chopped follows the same formula almost to the line and I LOVE it.  But last night, as I watched the premiere of The Bachelor, their formula felt tired, and contrived.  We knew some girl was going to make an idiot of herself getting out of the limo (she tried to do a back handspring and fell!), someone was going to get too drunk (there were two and one of them was wearing a wedding dress), and someone was going to be completely bonkers and get sent home on the first night (Fifty Shades Girl, we’ll miss you).  The girls were going to glare at Kacie B. because she “had her shot” (talk to me next season, Desiree, when you want to come back!), and there was a model.  Even though they tried to mix it up with Sean giving out roses willy-nilly with no respect (regard?) for the rose ceremony, it still took all of my energy to be engaged with any of them: Sean or the girls.

Even twitter was a little bit dead last night.  There were the usual suspects: Possessionista (Dana Weiss, a fashion blogger), Marisa May, the Ashleys H and S, but no Jennifer Weiner, which was very sad.  She got into it with some people on twitter right after the Newtown shooting and has not been back since.  She hasn’t cancelled her account though, so I’m holding out hope.

If I recap again (and yes, I realize this wasn’t really a recap, but if you are a bachelor fan, do you really need one for the first night?) it will be more about twitter and less about the actual show.  The tweet of last night goes to Possessionista made a comment about liking Sarah, the girl with one arm, because Dana was sure she could tweet faster than her.  Off color? yes.  Inappropriate? absolutely.  But it is also the only thing I can remember about last night that doesn’t involve past contestants complaining about how boring all the dresses were.

And don’t even get my started on the recycled lines.  Sean, why do you know this can work? It so rarely does.  There have been like 25 seasons and like 3 couples.  I think we can all agree the odds are against you.  But hang in, buddy, if all else fails, I’m sure you and Arie could be very happy together.

So what do you guys think? Are we going to make it through the season?

Why are you still watching?


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