I’m Not a Teenager Anymore: Stop Thinking I Am

Last week apparently was the week of everyone thinking I’m still a child.  I was referred to as someone just out of high school, called young, and then someone insinuated that I couldn’t have taught for that long when I said that I had been a teacher for a long time.  I know that 29 isn’t in any way over the hill, but it is long enough to have lived a little bit.  I kind of wish that age and the way that I look didn’t impact the way that people view me in the world.

I think that this is actually a common phenomenon for people my age (I say this based on my extensive research at book club last night).  We’re still in our 20s, we don’t have kids, but we’ve been in the workforce since we were 22.  We feel that we have a certain level of life experience to offer while people older than us think we’re putting on a show.  And God forbid you try to call someone on it.  They just say that we should be grateful we look so young.  I get that I’ll probably feel that way in 5-10 years, but right now, looking young is more of a curse than a blessing.

Not to mention the fact that I do not feel like a teenager, or even a college student, in any way, shape, or form.  I even made a list of all the ways that I am not a kid anymore, and this is only what I could think of since last night.  There is definitely more.

I wear a wedding ring – Its rare to see a woman, in NYC, under the age of 25 who’s married.

I don’t live in a dorm – Instead of living down the hall from my best friends we all live in different boroughs and/or states.

My back hurts…Like all the time.

I can’t drink more than 3 alcoholic beverages in a night without feeling like a might die the next day.

I also can’t really stay up past midnight without being tired for days after.  I was up until almost 3am on Saturday night and still feel like I’m recovering.

I couldn’t play the lead in a musical.

I don’t get carded when I buy wine. (okay, fine.  This one hurts a little bit.)

I know the difference between wines and can chose a bottle off a wine list.

I am happy about pretty much everything on this list (except the back pain, I could do without that).  In the past I’ve struggled with suddenly not being the youngest, but I’ve come to terms with it.  Now, I’d like to be taken seriously with the experience that I have and not have my “baby face” impact the way that people view me.


One thought on “I’m Not a Teenager Anymore: Stop Thinking I Am

  1. Lala I’m older than you and I get carded all the time. At school they think I’m a freshman. My mom says we’ll be happier about looking young later….

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