Who Am I?

After a seven year hiatus from writing after one two many grad school rejections letters, I’m back! A lot of this blog will involve clearing out the cobwebs, but I’m pretty sure I can entertain you with my tales from the kitchen and beyond.  Learning to cook has informed so much of how I see myself and the world around me.  Here, I plan to share my thoughts on life, love, food, and anything else that comes to my mind.  How amazing it is that, in this day and age, I don’t need an admissions office to tell me whether or not I’m good enough to tell the stories?  All I need is my ideas and my audience.  So welcome.  I hope you’ll stick around.

What I’m Doing Here:

One piece of advice that writers always give is: if you want to be a writer, then write! That’s what I plan to do here. I’m going to tell my stories, post my recipes, and share my experiences. Some of these stories I’m sure I’ll be very proud of, some I’m sure I will think are pretty stupid, but the important thing is that I’m sharing them.

In keeping with my Virginia Woolf quote, my posts will be about:

Thoughts on Life: My general observations, wonderings, and perspectives on the world around me and how I feel about it.

Love: Most people still consider me a newlywed (I’ve been married a year and a half), so I’m hoping to be able to provide some insight into how to exist in a new marriage.

Food: Cooking is one of my passions, so while this isn’t a food blog, I really want to share my favorite recipes and my successes and failures in the kitchen.

Beyond that, expect editorials, TV recaps, Book Reviews, and hopefully some interviews down the road.

Stay tuned. Things are going to get exciting!


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