The Aging Academic: Marjorie Morningstar

I have a confession to make: sometimes I miss writing essays.  I miss reading a book with a question in my mind, I miss outlining and finding the perfect quotes, and I miss sitting down to construct a well-written argument.  I get that this makes me a super-nerd, but it’s my blog, and in this … Continue reading

I Am A…

We have all sorts of identifiers in our lives, things we know for sure.  I am a woman, I am a wife, I am a coffee drinker.  We do this to categorize ourselves, to find common ground with the people around us.  What I’m curious about is, at what point can you give yourself a … Continue reading

Self-Doubt is the WORST

I started this blog just after my 29th birthday, about 8 months ago.  I had just read Dinner: A Love Story, a gift from my amazing husband, and was so inspired and overwhelmed, I felt like I had to write again.  I had to do something.  Work was going well, I wasn’t exhausted all the … Continue reading

Crazy Town Friday!!

I’m at Crazy Town today. I’m pretty psyched about my post because its about TV and Twitter. Two of my favorite topics! Just Click Here! Have a great weekend!

It’s Only Awkward if You Make It

“It’s Only Awkward if You Make” it is a mantra that my friends and I have used since college.  I believe it grew from something I used to tell myself, “it all depends on how you carry yourself,” when I needed to feel confident in a situation I did not.  We used “It’s Only Awkward … Continue reading

Reliving The Glory Days

I’ve mentioned the Scarsdale Summer Music Theater on the blog before because being in that company changed my life.  It gave me confidence and friends and as an adult provided the inspiration for my novel.  When I think about my time in theater I think about the friends I made, the community and the camaraderie.  … Continue reading

Dear TV, You Are a Huge Disappointment

Dear TV, I understand I don’t pay for your premium channels.  I haven’t seen Homeland, or Boardwalk Empire, and I paid for the first season on Girls on iTunes.  I can’t speak to everything that comes out of you.  What I will say is you are disappointing me.  I was taking stock of the shows … Continue reading