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Five Life Lessons I Learned in Tap Class

Five Life Lessons I Learned in Tap Class

Two and a half years ago I faced a fear.  I went to Broadway Dance Center.  I was terrified because that’s where the “professionals” go to dance (or so I thought…).  I hadn’t taken a tap class in 10 years and had no desire to stand next to Rockettes and Broadway dancers and not be able … Continue reading

Going Alone vs. Being Lonely

I remember the first time I sat alone in a restaurant and had a meal by myself. I was single and all of my friends were out of town or busy and I really wanted a burger. After exhausting all possible dining companions I decided to ::deep breath:: go it alone. I headed over to … Continue reading

I ::Heart:: Times Square

I love Times Square. That’s right, I said it. I’m a New Yorker and I love Times Square. More specifically, I love Broadway theater, which happens to coincide with Times Square. As New Yorkers we are trained to hate Times Square. Hate the lights, and the noise, and the Disney World quality, and the fact … Continue reading