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What’s the Point of the Tabloids?

Yesterday the coolest thing happened. I was on the train coming back from visiting my mom and the woman sitting across from me was reading Us Weekly, In Touch, and OK magazine. I was a little bit jealous because I’m reading a book for book club that I am finding exceedingly difficult to get through … Continue reading

Weight Watchers, Stop Shaming Jessica Simpson

Last night I was watching Dancing with the Stars: All Stars, as I do on Monday nights since ABC owns my soul, and I was forced to miss Drew Lachey’s dance. Ultimately, this is not a tragedy, but the reason why was pretty upsetting. I saw the Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers commercial and found myself … Continue reading

My Heart Breaks for Kate Middleton

Yesterday a French magazine published pictures of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless on a balcony off of a remote villa in France. She and Prince William were vacationing for 4 days in a private location, basically in the middle of no where, and a paparazzo from half a mild away managed to capture these pictures. I … Continue reading