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I’m Back! (and I brought scones!)

I’m going to go ahead and ignore the fact that some time has passed since we spoke? Can we do that? Can we pick up where we left off? What if I throw in a recipe for scones that, I swear, will impress anyone you give them to? Think of it as an “I’m sorry … Continue reading

The Perfect Thanksgiving Hostess Gift

A few months ago I told you about my inability to find a great dinner recipe, that one “go to” that I could throw in the oven and still look amazing when my guests show up. Instead, my guests show up and I’m still bent over the stove, trying to get my something to thicken … Continue reading

Michael Symon: My Culinary Hero

I’ve talked a lot about Smitten Kitchen on here and a lot about Chopped. Both have taught me so much about cooking and food and have helped me to gain confidence in my own kitchen. As my culinary skills have developed though, I have found a new “kitchen hero”: Michael Symon, of Iron Chef, Symon’s … Continue reading

Hurricanes Amplify My Control Issues

I feel the most frustration when I don’t have control over a situation. Like right now, the news is telling me we’re in the midst of a hurricane. All of the subways are shut down and I’m basically trapped in my apartment (“Whatever you do, stay inside!”). However, no one really knows when life will … Continue reading

No Recipe Baked Ziti (With a Recipe)

No Recipe Baked Ziti (With a Recipe)

As I’ve said many times before, Weight Watchers changed my life, not just in helping me lose weight, but in teaching me to cook. When I recommitted myself to the program the second time, I discovered their website which was loaded with recipes that looked manageable, but also super tasty! I liked them too because … Continue reading

How to Lose an Evening Making Pot Pies

How to Lose an Evening Making Pot Pies

Nothing in my entire life has ever been able to hold my attention like cooking a meal (except for maybe a Law and Order: SVU marathon, but I’m choosing not to count that). I remember an episode of Grey’s Anatomy once where the doctors are talking about how time doesn’t exist in the operating room. … Continue reading

Risotto: My Everest

Five years ago when I started teaching myself to cook I followed recipes to the letter. If the recipe called for a 1/2 teaspoon of oregano, out came my measuring spoons and in went a 1//2 teaspoon of oregano exactly. I didn’t want to experiment or test things out because I didn’t want to be … Continue reading