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The Aging Academic: Marjorie Morningstar

I have a confession to make: sometimes I miss writing essays.  I miss reading a book with a question in my mind, I miss outlining and finding the perfect quotes, and I miss sitting down to construct a well-written argument.  I get that this makes me a super-nerd, but it’s my blog, and in this … Continue reading

How Do Grown Ups Make Friends?

This week’s episode of New Girl gave me a lot to think about. This episode dealt with Schmidt and Nick’s friendship and Cece and Jess’s relationship. They were posing the question, if those people (assuming they were real and not tv characters) met today, would they still be friends? I’ve been thinking a lot about … Continue reading

Being the Youngest to Being a Grown Up

For a long time I found myself being the youngest in my life, which is odd because I am the oldest of 3. Even in my family, though, I don’t feel like the oldest. I think we would all agree that my super-awesome middle sister is so put together that she often seems like the … Continue reading