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Christmas Recipe Round Up

I’m a huge fan of holiday traditions. Even though Christmas is not technically “my holiday,” I take a lot of comfort in creating traditions with Evan and that I know we will one day share with our children. Ever since I started cooking, probably a year into our relationship, those traditions revolve around food. I … Continue reading

How to Lose an Evening Making Pot Pies

How to Lose an Evening Making Pot Pies

Nothing in my entire life has ever been able to hold my attention like cooking a meal (except for maybe a Law and Order: SVU marathon, but I’m choosing not to count that). I remember an episode of Grey’s Anatomy once where the doctors are talking about how time doesn’t exist in the operating room. … Continue reading

Risotto: My Everest

Five years ago when I started teaching myself to cook I followed recipes to the letter. If the recipe called for a 1/2 teaspoon of oregano, out came my measuring spoons and in went a 1//2 teaspoon of oregano exactly. I didn’t want to experiment or test things out because I didn’t want to be … Continue reading